How can Social Media bring revolution in Marketing?

Social media in the recent era has dominated the modern age. Social media is being used, as a platform and website to promote a product or services offered by the company. Nowadays, the companies have their own built-in data and analytic tools which help them in the enhancement of the social media. It endures tracking the progress, success, and engagement of ad companies.

This platform is so strong that you can judge by this fact, that since 2016 several Non-Profit Organisations(NPO) and government ventures are also getting engaged in the social media. They are taking efforts to market their programs.

Strategic analysis of social media

Social media tends to work in a more free and independent way. It mainly focuses on 2 main strategies-

Passive Approach- In a passive approach, the social media can turn into a more useful way as per the perspective of the customer. Blogs, contents communities and forums are platforms where the customer can share their review and can recommend same to other people also. These reviews helpful in many ways, the business tycoons are able to tap and analyze the reviews and feedbacks and this helps them in the betterment of the product.

Active Approach- Social media is not only meant for the businesses and direct marketing tool only. Social media is a useful source to communicate and interact with each other. Facebook and LinkedIn are a great social platform where people are hyper-target their ads. Hyper-targeting not only uses public information but also information users submit and they hide it from others.

How social media tend to help?

Social networking websites allow individuals businesses and other organizations to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online. Social media also acts as virtual communities that enable the customer to express, share, wants and values online.

Benefits of Social Marketing

• Mobile phones Mobile phones have gained worldwide likings. Since there first use way back in 20th century, they have gained quite a response from the young generation. The technology in the field of mobile phones is also getting better and better.<

The combination of mobile phone and internet have given easier access to the social media. As mobile phone has every social media ability, and it becomes handy in use. Now using social media is just a matter of seconds reach. Mobile media consumption like the live mobile streaming video has taken a toll.

• Engagements

Social media has helped in the engagement of businesses with more active customers. Social media has enabled customers now to react to the service or product offered by the respective company. They can share their views and can also recommend same to other. Each participating customer who is participating via online portal becomes a part of the digital marketing.

• Campaigns

Social media helps in the campaigns. They highlight any of these movements on their social media page and soon this become viral. Social media does not go or have one side. It has both prospective and this cause hot debate all over the social media.

• Purpose and Tactics

Social media offer several media tactics to help in growing popularity of their product. Some of the best social media in this era are – WhatsApp

Social media has given a platform to the world to let them interact and share their views at the same place.The world has been advancing at a rapid speed and the social media has actively participated in the betterment of the future.