Evolution of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online portal marketing technology which has turned the world upside down. The world has shrunk to the size, that of a mobile phone. The mobile technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The marketing is for a specific audience of the smartphone. The mobile phone has come in handy for several things like surfing in websites, emails, SMS and MMS, social media etc.

It can provide customers specific time location and other personalized information that promotes goals and service ideas. Any marketing activities done by the consumer through connected to personal mobile devices is called mobile marketing.

Salient Features

SMS Marketing -

• SMS marketing was widely popular in Europe in the 2000s. It was the legitimate advertising channel which has rocked the world. It functioned under the IAB guideline. • Txt bomb in 2001 carries finest cross-section carrier SMS. • SMS marketing service typically runs on a short code but sending a text message to an email address is another methodology. • Shortcodes are only of 5 to 6 digits. Despite short code inbound, some can be received on the long nose.


• It can contain time slideshow of images, videos, texts, and audio. The all delivered via MMS.
• Brands are able to send and receive rich contents. They are also able to sponsor message that is set to person to person.
• For example, Motorola’s ongoing campaign at House of Blues.

Push Notification

• Push notification was first introduced by Apple in 2009.
• It was set for cloud messaging. It is a message that pops on mobile devices.

QR code

• This code allows the customer to visit a web page address by scanning 2D image with the phone camera instead manually entering a URL.

• QR codes have gained popularity in Asia & Europe but are still slow in North America.


• Bluetooth has become a major part of the mobile phone.

• It helps is receiving files by connecting with other phones via Bluetooth.

• This has enabled people to transfer things between them.


The mobile phone has enabled the feature of accessing the current location. This has enabled the tracking system.

Voice mail

This is a new revolutionary idea where a person can leave a voice mail at the time, of a respective person not able to be contacted.

Privacy concerns

• Some mobile advertising is sent without any consent, this leads to primary violations.
• It was more salient before the arrival of mobile data networks.

• Users can be tracked leaving no sense of privacy.

Mobile Marketing has influenced the world over the period of time. Since the technology is advancing at a rapid speed it has opened new and innovative opportunities regarding the marketing. The E-commerce sites have expanded over the period of time owing to the compatibility of both internet and smartphone at the same time. Mobile marketing is getting easier and more handy to work as a single click is now changing the world with a rapid speed.

The business firms are using this opportunity as a boon and are endorsing their company, products, and services to a large extent. Some new telecom industries have solved several problems regarding a smartphone with the internet they are now offering data packages for smooth access to mobile. In last three years, it has been seen arise in the usage of mobile phone. The company can use this method to endorse their services and product and can earn a huge rate of profit. Mobile marketing has opened doors for smooth easy and complacent nature for respective future generation customers.