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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the system of the promotion utilizing a cell phone and furnishes customers with personalized data promoting goods, thoughts, and benefits and is time and location sensitive.

There are different types of mobile marketing. Some of them are as per the following can be expressed as takes after:


SMS Marketing


In the course of recent years, SMS marketing has turned into a valuable tool as marketing direct in a few sections of the world.


MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

This type of promotion gives the potential customers a designed slideshow of sound, recordings and conveyed through the MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service


Application based marketing

Application utilization has expanded with the high use of the cell phones and innovative jump forward in mobile marketing. Application based advertising permits coordinate marketing and commercialization at the same time.

In-game mobile promotion


The three patterns in cell phone gaming are as under:

  • Enormous multi-player games
  • Real-time 3d games
  • Long range interpersonal communication games


QR codes

It enables a customer to visit the site page with their telephone's camera, scanning a 2d picture.


Industry scope of Mobile Marketing

The digital marketing industry is booming at 30 percent development rate while different industries are battling at 5-10 percent development rate. In the upcoming years, this will show signs of improvement. Because of the high utilization of the cell phones by customers, it has turned out to be fundamental for the advertisers to go digital. Mobile marketing is a vital procedure that associations are embracing to promote their items. The government even is utilizing a similar methodology to for their election campaigns and their policies.  


Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Achieve target gathering of people

Mobile marketing enables you to achieve the intended interest group and encourages in establishing direct communication with various client gatherings.


Successful two-way communication

Purchasers are connected to their phones and have a tendency to keep it to themselves for the most part for the duration of the day. Consequently, it encourages in building a strong connection amongst customers and their most loved brands.


Mobile campaigns at lower cost

Since its setup and promoting readiness costs does not require an immense cost, henceforth it is superior to other conventional strategies. Mobile marketing additionally encourages combination with other media channels, for example, web-based social networking, radio, television, and so on.  


Precise client information

It is a viable approach to maintain client’s information through the phone numbers with interesting IDs and furthermore encourages in keeping it updated and tracked also.