Does E-mail Marketing have potential for excessive global platform?

E-mail marketing have grown in the recent years and the young generation heavily relies on it. After the first e-mail sent in 1978, by Gary Thurst of DEC have instantly opened a new age communication and marketing process at the same go. E-mail marketing refers to a commercial message sent via using e-mail. Every email sent to the customer or sent to the marketer. Whether for the purpose of advertisement, business requirement, solicit sales or donations, or further to build loyalty, trust or even the brand advancement. It is a simple task to send an email message with the purpose of enhancing the relationship.

Gary Thurst of DEC had sent mass emails to 400 potential clients who have mailed at that time. This act turned out to earn 13 million sales of the company. As the time has advanced various techniques are been used block out contents from email with the help of filter and blocking programs. But there are new ways to push the content to the end users, by avoiding automatic filters and spam removing software. There has been gradually in rising to marketing emails. The e-mail also enables marketing feedbacks from users in real time. But there are some contents that cannot be shown like the television ads which could not be captured.

Types of E-mail

Transactional email- Usually it is based on the customer action with a company. For a qualified transactional relationship message, there is a primary purpose must be "to facilitate" complete or confirm a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with the sender. The primary purpose of the transactional email is to convert information regarding the action that triggered it. But now Duse to higher open rates they have become opportunities to extend mail relationship with customer or subscribers.

Direct E-mail - This type of mail is solely sent for the purpose of communication which is promotion tactics. The company often do this, as they collect a list of customers and then send them promotion advertisement of their respective business. It is also a safe marketing. Companies are finding more opportunities and ways to may people view the advertisement for the longer period of time.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are several pros and cons of the Email marketing.

« There is a sense of exact return on investment. Moreover the e-mail help in finding the business for the company as it let the promotion of the business.
« E-mails are cheap and more productive, then another source. This process Alison enable perfect communication and relationship building between the customer and the marketer.
«The companies can get instant feedbacks by employing ESP.
« This method is a cost-effective method, with enhancing the business opportunity.
« The advertisement is one more important part. The companies keep a list of customers and send an e-mail of their respective company ads.
«In Europe, digital marketers love this technique.
«everal customers still have queries on the legitimate sites.
«Most of the E-mail is full of spams which are needed to be taken care of.

In this advancing world Email really have created its own web and are more effective and efficient marketers. Since the time first E-mail was sent back in 70's this idea has revolutionized and has evolved over the period of time. From generation to generation people have successfully accessed this methodology and have also implemented in their life successfully. Marketing through E-mail is a more innovative to do business by promoting their product via E-mail. This Method has increased in the sale and the profit of the company.