Growth of bulk messaging

Bulk SMS are pioneer of instant messages at a single go. These messages are delivered to mobile phone terminals. Bulk SMS is considerably used by media outlets, customers, enterprises, companies, banks and also consumer brands for a variety purpose of entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. Bulks SMS is considerably used for alerts, reminders, marketing, information, and communication between both staff and customers.

How SMS Works?

Sending bulk SMS requires a particular software which is required for sending and receiving. There are various packages available to benefit the SMS users. Some of the telecom companies like- Airtel, Idea etc. have introduced several SMS packages for their respective customers.

Benefits of Bulk Messaging

They have given opportunities to add one or many phone numbers at one go. You can add many phone numbers as per your requirement. It also allows upload lists of mobile phone not using a text file and CSV file.

SMS is a sophisticated system which can automatically renew duplicate number and the mobile numbers may be validated prior to sending the message.

SMS also work on the prescribed timings. The messages can be scheduled to be sent when needed.

Bulk Messaging has established the web all across the world and this has led to a global chain of SMS MMS and another sort of communication facility.

Business firms use bulk messages to reach out several potential customers who over the period of time turn into potential clients. These business firms have a list of several customers and by using bulk SMS they promote their company and furthermore endorse their product.

These firms have established contacts via bulk messaging and this has enabled infeed back process also.

Application Interface Program (API) ?

Most of the bulk messaging system uses the Application Program Interface(API) which allow programs to add SMS functionality to any program.

Some of them are as follows-


File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol which helps in transferring computer file between client and server on the computer network.


It stands for Short Message Peer to Peer protocol standard.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an application protocol which distributes, collaborate and hypermedia information.


Electronic mail is a method of exchanging messages between people using the electronic method.


There has been a large user database, approximately 1 billion.
« Around 15% messages are commercial and for marketing purpose.
«It allows less spam.
« 98% SMS is open.
« Average 150 SMS are opened in a single day by the users.
«19% Average click through Rate.

Quick Response

Bulk SMS has grown with rapid speed. Bulk SMS Noida is the best in the business. They offer affordable prices with a custom solution as per customer needs. Bulk SMS has increased in the recent times. The companies have adopted this policy for their business tactics. To promote their product and services in a more instant way. These bulk SMSes enable advertisement of their business. They help in the enhancement of their business through bulk SMS. The customers are being offered different types of packages by leading telecom industries to enhance more use of bulk messaging. Bulk messaging over the period of time has established a major role in the enhancement of the business from the perspective of the business firm. Bulk messaging have been globally supported and well used across the world.In late 2000?s Sms were greatly used in the European continent they turn out to be popular among the people and they use it for instant replies and communicating for given period of time. This methodology is widely accepted.