Google on How it Handles Extra Meta Descriptions and Title Labels

A distributer inquired as to whether it’s alright to include two meta portrayal labels and two title labels on a solitary page.

Google’s John Mueller gave an astounding answer that shows how Google handles twofold HTML components.

The individual posing the inquiry needed to roll out an impermanent improvement to the meta and title HTML components. At that point after a specific point the distributer could return to the first forms.

The distributer said they needed to incidentally refresh a portion of their substance pages due to Covid-19.

The inquiry was about how to deal with an impermanent change in the meta depiction and title labels.

This is the inquiry that was posed:

“Concerning the meta depiction of the page, I got the Web optimization tip to incorporate a second meta portrayal and title concerning this subject into the header.

Would this truly bode well to Google?”

John Mueller replied:

“Along these lines, in case you’re including a second meta depiction tag on a page we will regard that equivalent to on the off chance that you simply broaden the current meta tag on the page.

… there’s no sort of reward to utilizing a second meta portrayal tag on a page contrasted with simply modifying your current one.

As to the title, that is something very similar. It isn’t so much that there’s any sort of a reward appended to making a subsequent title tag.

Basically, you should simply compose a reasonable new title utilizing the current title tag.”


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Google Says it’s Alright to Utilize Additional Title and Meta Portrayals

As indicated by Google, Google will join additional title and meta portrayal labels into a solitary meta depiction and a solitary title tag. In any case, since Google says accomplishing something that is not the same as expected is alright doesn’t mean you ought to go out a do it.

How Google will decide to show the twofold labels is up to Google.

Typically Google will show precisely what is in your title component. Including two title components passes that control from the distributer to Google and presents a component of vulnerability with respect to how that title will show.

Furthermore, while John Mueller says that Google can deal with additional title and meta portrayals, he likewise says that distributers should adhere to composing a solitary meta depiction and a solitary title tag for every page.

There’s one more worry that was forgotten about and that includes HTML measures.

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Additional Components Abuses Official HTML Principles

The specialized name of the meta portrayal tag is Meta Depiction Component. A component resembles a significant structure square of a HTML website page (archive).

HTML is formally characterized by a global gathering called the Internet Consortium, otherwise called the W3C. The details for HTML are found at

Components are portrayed by the W3C as having a capacity. Each capacity has rules.

One of the principles for the meta depiction component is that there should just be one meta portrayal for each page.

Official standards for meta portrayal elementThis is a screen capture from the authority W3C page where it characterizes the best possible utilization of the Meta Depiction component. The W3C distributes the official HTML measures.

Also for the title component, there should just be one title component for every site page. Including more than one title component makes invalid HTML.

Legitimate HTML, or HTML with minimal measure of mistakes, guarantees that the web archive showcases to website guests precisely as you need it to.

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Screen capture of the official measures for title elementThe W3C unmistakably indicates that there should just be one title component for every page. Including more than one title component makes invalid HTML.


Google’s John Mueller’s answer gives a brief look into Google’s procedure for taking care of invalid HTML and missteps. For this situation, twofold components are treated as a solitary component.

Furthermore, John Mueller prompts that while Google can deal with two meta depictions and two title labels, he urges distributers to stick to the standard act of one title component and one meta portrayal for each page.

In conclusion, by complying with great coding rehearses, distributers can guarantee a superior client experience and guarantees that web indexes won’t commit errors when creeping a page.

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