pinterest marketing in 2020

How can you grow & optimize your Pinterest profile and generate good traffic from Pinterest in 2020?

Pinterest is the most underrated marketing channel over the internet. Many of the marketers, bloggers, and business owners do not have any idea about the power of Pinterest Traffic which can blow their websites and bring massive revenue.

This platform has become the 4th most popular social network in the United States outranking LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

? 1. Create Your Business Profile On Pinterest.
? 2. Optimize your Pinterest profile. Eg. Optimize your URL, upload your pictures, add business keywords oriented description, etc. Put good looking profile picture of yours or the logo of your website based on what type of account you are willing to operate.
? 3. Create infographics on relevant topics.
Eg. 1. Seo tips, digital marketing, ways to earn money online. Etc.
? 4. Create a pin.
? 5. Create a board and name them as keywords.
Eg. Seo Techniques, Social Media Marketing, Earn Money Online. Etc.
? 6. Publish your post at the right time.
Eg. Tuesday:- Tech-related posts, Wednesday:- Quotes related posts, etc.
? 7. Share your pin's URL in all possible networks.
Eg. Fb, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr. Etc
? 8. Follow Other Businesses pages
? 9. Follow other relevant profiles.
Eg. Digiwalebabu ?
? 10. If you got a comment on your pins then reply very nicely ?
? 11. Invite others to join your boards.
? 12. You can leverage your website images.
? 13. Also, Use hashtags in profile and posts.

Repeat your Best

You may find some of your pins are performing very well compared to others. I am talking about the pins that are created by you for driving Pinterest traffic to your website. In this case, my suggestion is to repin those pins on your other similar boards and public boards that are on collaboration for further visibility.

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