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Do you want to rank on 1000’s of Keywords?- Digital Marketing Advice

Do you want to rank on 1000’s of Keywords?
But you must be thinking I am only using Primary Keyword Primary Keywords like "SEO Services"
Earlier Google used to work on similar kind of keywords on website page Like if you use SEO Services 5-10 time Google generally use to bring you in rank But over the years it becomes smarter
Google now cover the overall aspect of content and topics, now if they have to rank “SEO Services”
They will check all the possible combinations and LSI Keywords
LSI Keyword means related term with a keyword that we generally see in Google Autosuggest or in the footer of the Google Search engine ranking page. It gives overall deeper meaning to content.
You can also try a few freemium tools to check in-depth like LSI Graph and LSI Keywords (Better go with Autosuggest and other ways)
Apart from that, you can use a lot of Autosuggest methods or you can check the screenshot of SERP page that will generally highlight terms related with “SEO Services”
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