What It Is And Why It Makes A Difference

Digital marketing is the advertising of products and services of a brand by methods of different types of digital tools, changes from conventional advertising in that it applies processes and systems that facilitate a connection to examine marketing campaigns and know what is working and what isn't – for the most part at the present time.


Digital marketers screen things like what is being seen, how frequently and for to what extent, sales conversions, what

Why Is Digital Marketing Significant?

Digital media is all-encompassing that purchasers have access to information at whatever time and wherever they need it. The days have gone when the people got messages about your products or services started from you and contained exactly what you required them to know.


Digital media is a regularly developing source of excitement, news, shopping and social association, and purchasers are now exposed not simply to what your organization says in regards to your brand

Digital Marketing Education And Career Scope

Do you see those appealing Web banner promotions, Video campaigns, Mobile applications, Informative blog posts regularly while surfing the net? All these are nothing, however, extraordinary types of Digital Marketing!  


As the world is getting progressively digitized in each respect, Digital Marketing is a booming profession elective today.With striking elements like cost- effectiveness, moment reaction, adaptability, comfort, viability, Digital Marketing

Google: Accelerated Mobile Page/ AMP


Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP) is an online publishing Google format which was introduced by the biggest search engine to give competition to Facebook’s instant article. This is actually similar to HTML and mobile web browser. It also requires special code which helps in loading the web page instantly, when clicked in Google search result pages. Google launched it in February 2016.

Users of AMP

AMP is being used worldwide. It is thoroughly used by some of the leading media outlets like CNN, ABC, Fox News and Washington DC.
AMP also provides JavaScript library for the developer but it unanimously restrict the 3rd party JS
How AMP works?

AMP is divided into 3 basic parts which enable in the functionality of the mobile page. They are as follows-

«AMP HTML -Having subset by HTML, if you are familiar with the regular HTML then you won’t have any problem adapting with the existing AMP HTML.

«AMP JavaScript-A JavaScript framework for mobile pages is to manage resources handling and asynchronous loading. Keep in mind that 3rd party JS is not allowed in AMP.

AMP CDN-CDN automatically make some performance optimization as AMP enable them and cache them at the earlier part of work.Overview Google AMP is criticized by several agencies and companies.

«The Registrar stated that –“ AMP is bad, and have a wave destroying potential. It is only good for one party. It is a bad news for publication credible online contents. It looks like Google is endorsing a legit new company product. Even the dummy work faster than Google without using AMP JavaScript.

« Chris coyler co-founder of code pen stated -

“It could be better if it is not used as search ranking factor. And could be kept as per W3C standard.

« Gina Tripani describes it as scary.

« John Grueler opposed AMP on the grounds of public independence. He further stated that AMP load pages faster but there is no need of doing it. Google is making efforts to break the open web.

Google has formidable tried to compete for the Facebook’s instant article. To reduce the competition barrier, this introduction has not only crafted a new technology war between the users and non-users. Most of the media outlets prefer this as the best source to get connected with the world and they all are doing it successfully. But its critics have changed the whole view and have been trying to defame Google. The vast majority of web pages are essentially documented as they don t really need to be expressive of the power of a JavaScript. The reason given for using JavaScript was to implement relatively simple things like adverse and slideshow. AMP deal with such used cases by providing standard components which allow a document to have such features without having to use JavaScript .

There are of course some web pages that were web applications rather than being documents and were using javascript for the purposes that are unlikely to be supported by AMP as AMP is successful and it is interesting what affects that has on the viability of the web as an application platform. Some web developers are angry and have a huge outrage after losing the freedom that javascript gave, as it is inevitably argued to be the best. Overuser javascript has lead to impractically slow web pages which are filled with overly intrusive ads that messed up reading the experience if a page contains javascript then it can fetch arbitrary things before displaying content as it makes them slow. AMP is fundamentally a good web user

The Impact of Blogging

The Impact of Blogging

Blogging has opened a new world for the writers who tend to change the new world order by their revolutionary ideas. It is an expression, discussion or information website publisher on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete and is often informal diary style text entries. The adequate emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitate the posting of context by a non-technical user who doesn't have much experience with the HTML.

They basically provide commentary on a particular subject on topic ranging from politics to sport. The range of hot debating topics has enabled the world to take more interest in the ongoing world.


The weblog was first coined by John Barger on 17 December 1997. And the term ‘blog’ was first coined by Peter Menholz The blog has been evolved from the online diary entries which were made by the running people who used to keep tabs on their day to day personal lives. This has opened a new channel for the blogging and has opened a spectacular way for writing.

Types of blogging.

« Personal Blogs- Personal blogs are more like a diary entry which is actually written by an individual rather than by an organization or any business tycoons. They have enabled day to day live accounts and also able to share their views.

« Collaborative Blogs- Collaborative blogs are those weblog which is written by more than one other authors. Respectively they are based on the politics, technology or advocacy. Which enable and highlight the discussion and provide a hot debating topic.

« Aggregated Blogs-Aggregated blogs are termed as aggregate selected feeds on a specific topic, product, and services and also provide combined views for all its users. The users only concentrate on the reading part, rather than any quality part.

« Reverse Blogs- They are mostly composed of its users rather than single blogger. It got the characteristic of blogs and writing of several authors. This brings diversity in writing and also enable entry of new and innovative thoughts.

Worldwide Approach

Blogs are given ranking by the Alexa Internet and formidably by blog search engines. The blog de project is launched by several researchers in the MIT Media lab to crawl the web and gather information.

Technorati rated boxing is the most read group-written blog ever.

Consumer Perspective Advertisement

It relatively relates to new and controversial development and also has created a new model of marketing communication from business to consumers. Blogs lead to dissemination ad, a breakdown of traditional advertising model. It is feared that blogging activity might destroy blogosphere credibility.

Legal and Social Consequences

«Defamation – There are several defamation or liability cases which have impacted the world of blogging. On the other hand, the ISPs are immune to any liability.

«Employment- Blogging has enabled and opened several employment opportunities for the respective younger generation. The blogging has not only helping in the enhancement of the job opportunities but also giving an extra opportunity reading and understanding the world.

«Political Dangers- The world of blogging have arisen several political dangers. Several bloggers have come to face defamation, due to uncertified content. For example, an Egyptian blogger was detained for writing against the president.

«Business owners- Business owners have used to manage their websites with blog contents to enhance their business.

Blogging has given a huge platform for the bloggers to share their respective views via content writing. The blogger has gained a huge respect all across the world by their revolutionary content which has enabled young generation to know more about the society.