What It Is And Why It Makes A Difference

Digital marketing is the advertising of products and services of a brand by methods of different types of digital tools, changes from conventional advertising in that it applies processes and systems that facilitate a connection to examine marketing campaigns and know what is working and what isn't – for the most part at the present time.


Digital marketers screen things like what is being seen, how frequently and for to what extent, sales conversions, what ....

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Why Is Digital Marketing Significant?

Digital media is all-encompassing that purchasers have access to information at whatever time and wherever they need it. The days have gone when the people got messages about your products or services started from you and contained exactly what you required them to know.


Digital media is a regularly developing source of excitement, news, shopping and social association, and purchasers are now exposed not simply to what your organization says in regards to your brand ....

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Digital Marketing Education And Career Scope

Do you see those appealing Web banner promotions, Video campaigns, Mobile applications, Informative blog posts regularly while surfing the net? All these are nothing, however, extraordinary types of Digital Marketing!  


As the world is getting progressively digitized in each respect, Digital Marketing is a booming profession elective today.With striking elements like cost- effectiveness, moment reaction, adaptability, comfort, viability, Digital Marketing ....

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Google: Accelerated Mobile Page/ AMP

Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP) is an online publishing Google format which was introduced by the biggest search engine to give competition to Facebook's instant article. This is actually similar to HTML and mobile web browser. It also requires special code which helps in loading the web page instantly, when clicked in Google search result pages. Google launched it in February 2016.

Users of AMP

AMP is being used worldwide. It is thoroughly used by some of the leading media outlets like CNN, ABC, Fox News and Washington DC. AMP also provides Ja ....

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The Impact of Blogging

Blogging has opened a new world for the writers who tend to change the new world order by their revolutionary ideas. It is an expression, discussion or information website publisher on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete and is often informal diary style text entries. The adequate emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitate the posting of context by a non-technical user who doesn't have much experience with the HTML.

They basically provide commentary on a particular subject on topic ranging from politics ....

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How Google Ranking Update, "Fred" shook the SEO world ?

Google rolled out an algorithm update in March 8th called, "Fred", inviting swift and fierce reactions from industrialists. The Fred Update targets ad-heavy sites, low quality contents and all such black-hat tactics that are being used to increase SEO rankings. Believing the reposts, the sites that have been affected with Google Fred updates have witnessed around 90% drop in traffic. Website owners have begun modifying contents, editing and deleting to get back in Google's good books. If you too have witnessed your site's ranking getting dropped in mid-march, you are not alone because it wa ....

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Google Mobile Friendly Update

On April 21, 2015, Google, the most powerful search engine in the world introduced a significant new mobile friendly ranking algorithm. It will enable it to give boost to mobile friendly pages in Google mobile search result.

From the date it happened variety of nature names it as a "Mobilegeddon". Mobilegeddon is a popular lexicon which is to describe Google's updated search engine. It is a combination of two words-"Mobile" and "Armageddon". The update is being referred to other name also like - Mobilepocalyse, Mopocalypse or Mobocalypse.
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Latest Google Update related to Digital Marketing

We regularly receive announcements about new updates from Google. These search engines updates always bring an improvised version to have an impact on the digital marketing. The digital world is becoming more hyped-up through regular changes, and Google is transforming into a more dynamic, informative and influential platform. The continual update by Google aims at improving the content originality, target poor quality links and sites. Marketers and businessmen are spending l ....

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Off Page SEO

In today's world SEO have established itself as a major factor in the ranking of the pages in particular search engines. Everything you do is about achieving your goal for page ranking. Search results are on the first page, usually listed in the top 5.

If increasing your page rankings with the major search engine increases your website viability and also gets you to the goal. SEO is an important factor for the business, as the whole business is greatly influenced by it.


SEO is categorized into 2 categories ....

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On page SEO

Search optimization organization (SEO) comes in 2 different flavors. SEO deals with the effect of rankings of the business website. One of the 2 flavors is on page SEO. It deals and takes on the content on the page. It highly relates to the content on your website in total. It is also relevant to the themes, as what kind of text is in a particular link which is going out of your site.

How on page SEO deals with factors ?

Sites are linked to the particular density of keywords on the page. On page determines what to rank your business website and how it sho ....

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Google Payday Update

Google Payday was launched by Google on June 11, 2013. Payday much like the Panda or Hummingbird algorithm is a new type of algorithm. Its main objective is to target cleaning up the search results which tend to be "spamming queries", pornographic and further heavily spammed queries. Google boast as being the solely most powerful search engine in the world, has laid down the foundation against the spamming free sites positively. Google Payday was launched to filter out lower quality websites, who with the help of various spam techniques to boost their rankings for heavily traffick ....

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Google Panda Update

The panda's latest update has been called as one of the most powerful search result filters that work at filtering and eliminating sites with unnecessary keywords, low quality content and duplicate phrases. The 2016 update has been modified in a way that only fine sites with original contents and genuine information will be able to make their way into the top rankings of search results. The website or links using external or artificial media for the purpose of increasing their search result rankings (violating Google's terms) will be trashed out of the top rankings.

The 2016 ....

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Google Penguin Update Penguin

While Panda is responsible for evaluating the contents posted on the web sites, Penguin aims at looking at the links. Google uses inbound links that work to inspect the popularity and ranking of web sites in search results. Penguin works to make sure important links from websites like government, universities, national institutes and other important sites show their content properly. This way penguin makes the important links more optimized and ensures that the contents displayed on these sites appear to be valuable to the viewers. Penguin's role at providing real and important contents doesn' ....

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Knowledge Graph Editing- Update 2016

The 2016 version of has been proven to be highly effective as the updated version allows users to access rich information that appear by the side of the searched results. This has reduced the chances of miscommunication and allows the user to get more informative contents. Graph editing update has thus enriched the content availability, quality and increased the ranking of sites with informative contents.The 2016 update has shown improvement in this area and now there is a lot of possibility for optimized results to appear at the regions where they are required.


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Possum- Update 2016

Possum is known as the largest update amidst local search results. The main objective of 2016 update was to restrict web spamming and diversify the local search results. Possum update has now brought along improved search filter that makes sure that the organic results are separated from the local results. Thus, the latest version of possum deems to deliver more precise result by showing positive search results for local businesses. The previous version of possum promoted the optimized local businesses to appear in search results other than the real location where user are browsing from.
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