How Google Ranking Update, "Fred" shook the SEO world ?

Google rolled out an algorithm update in March 8th called, "Fred", inviting swift and fierce reactions from industrialists. The Fred Update targets ad-heavy sites, low quality contents and all such black-hat tactics that are being used to increase SEO rankings. Believing the reposts, the sites that have been affected with Google Fred updates have witnessed around 90% drop in traffic. Website owners have begun modifying contents, editing and deleting to get back in Google's good books. If you too have witnessed your site's ranking getting dropped in mid-march, you are not alone because it was the Fred update that caused shits in traffic and ranking of all those sites that used black-hat tactics, monetization tricks and heavy ad presence .

Even though couple of months has passed since Google's Fred update came into action, yet people are confused as to what algorithm update wants to target and how should marketers respond to the changes brought by Fred update. The only answers to all such queries are to create unique contents that have originality and ability to get aligned with Googl's search intent. Even though Google never gave an official announcement about the Fred Update, yet the SEO community, Google tracking tools and webmaster has indicated strong signs for Google algorithm ranking update.

So what exactly is Google Fred Update ?

Fred is an algorithm update brought by Google that aims are decreasing traffic and ranking of websites that are stuffed with heavy ads, low-quality or duplicate contents and sites that were using artificial links to increase their SEO rankings. Fred update appear to target sites that only focus at generating revenue instead of solving user's problem with quality rich websites and informative contents. Industry's leading expert's analysed 60 to 90 percent decrease in traffic and drop in rankings after the update came into action.

What kinds of sites were affected by Fred Algorithm update ?

After the update, several industrialists and SEO experts reported the changes brought post Fred. Some of the experts reported that around 90 percent of the sites that got affected were those that has overload of advertisements, excessive affiliate links stuffed everywhere in the articles, and contents that appeared to be written only with the objective of increases Google ranking and leading traffic to the website. Those websites had contents that didn't add value to the content quality and had the same thing other sites have already published. The sites with low-quality backlinks or links having bad domain authority were equally affected by the Fred Update. The short answer to above asked question will be-the out-dated, ad-heavy, duplicate, and invaluable content containing sites were targeted most by this update. Fred shouldn't come as such a surprising element because Google improve their algorithm every other day and enhances the quality of SERP results. But Fred was the first updated that had its impact on loads of websites, especially the ones aiming at generating revenues only. Google only aims to reward the sites with valuable contents, informative article and those sites that aim to help users and not focus only on earning internet buck.

What can you to deal with the boss called, "FRED " ?

The shortest answer would be to follow Google webmaster guidelines. According to experts, the only way to save your site is following what webmaster guideline states. The updates only aimed at those sites that miserably failed at sticking to the guidelines. So, if you witnessed decreased traffic and drop in your ranking, you probably need to read the webmaster guidelines and work your way according to that only. Follow what Google wants you to because the Fred update is certainly not the last quality update. Tighten up the shoe laces and straighten up your because Google's algorithm update is very likely to hit again. Let's have a look at Google Webmaster Guidelines :

1. High quality content - Google isn't going to tolerate the same old, irrelevant, and duplicate contents. Contents that aim at helping the user and imparting valuable information will be promoted. So, if you want to save your site from upcoming updates, start creating high-quality, genuine and informative contents. Review your contents and check if they serve a purpose. Stop posting contents that serve no purpose, and outlining every other paragraph with tags and metadata.

2. Say no to unnatural backlinks-Stop stuffing your articles and webpages with spammy backlinks. The Fred update has affected 95% of such sites. Disavow them and use backlinks only at places where required. Browse through your site and check whether it is user-friendly or not.

3. Decrease the amount of advertising contents from your site- Don't overload your page with loads of affiliate links and ads. Count on the advertising content and scale back the ads from the site. Google isn't asking you to not advertise other's work and earn income as an affiliate marketer, but heavy load of ads is something Google Fred didn't appreciate.. and the consequences were well observed. Keep the amount of ads and affiliate links moderate.

4. Is your site user-friendly ? -Google wants to promote contents that are user friendly. So, as a website owner, it's your responsibility to periodically review the user experience and update your site into a user-friendly mode.

Ever since the Fred update came into action, marketers are looking for best Fred update tactics. But if you are really are looking for some tricks, we strongly recommend you learn the Google Quality Rating Guidelines by heart, memorize every piece of the regulations and make sure to follow it. Post contents that demand time, expertise, efforts and talent, make your site quality rich and earn website reputation through positive user reviews, quality backlinks. Make sure your website is well maintained, which means loads quickly, has error free contents and no technical errors. And yes, if you didn't notice any drop in your ranking post F red, Kudos to you, keep doing what you've been doing-continue posting quality-rich contents and making your website more informative.