Possum- Update 2016

Possum is known as the largest update amidst local search results. The main objective of 2016 update was to restrict web spamming and diversify the local search results. Possum update has now brought along improved search filter that makes sure that the organic results are separated from the local results. Thus, the latest version of possum deems to deliver more precise result by showing positive search results for local businesses. The previous version of possum promoted the optimized local businesses to appear in search results other than the real location where user are browsing from.


Google constantly updates its search algorithms to bring noticeable modifications in the contents and programming. Considering digital marketing, last two years have witnessed a lot of major changes. Having introduced plenty of updates, Google has not only enhanced the user experience of search engines but also improved the authority of several websites. Google 2016 and 2017 updates aim at getting rid of duplicate, copied and auto-generated contents. All such changes are likely to have a very strong effect on search engine results and rankings. The main objective of the these updates is to provide support to websites with rich content and filter the duplicate content containing sites .