Google Panda Update

The panda's latest update has been called as one of the most powerful search result filters that work at filtering and eliminating sites with unnecessary keywords, low quality content and duplicate phrases. The 2016 update has been modified in a way that only fine sites with original contents and genuine information will be able to make their way into the top rankings of search results. The website or links using external or artificial media for the purpose of increasing their search result rankings (violating Google's terms) will be trashed out of the top rankings.

The 2016 update of Panda aims at eliminating those websites having poor quality, or remove the Plagiarised; fake content created by people trying to copy other's content. Through regular updates, Google is continuously trying to filter such spam contents and refine these algorithms to reduce the spam level. Panda's latest update aims at finding the duplicated or rephrased contents that are copied from writers who only aim to produce large written material without focusing on originality of the contents. Thus, these update are a way of warning to fake or copied content creators from creating duplicated contents


Panda 2016 update can thus catch such sites by striking them out for using links from external sources. The latest update has been running very effectively at filtering sites with low quality content. The 2016 update will not tolerate scraped contents and only promote new contents..