Latest Google Update related to Digital Marketing

We regularly receive announcements about new updates from Google. These search engines updates always bring an improvised version to have an impact on the digital marketing. The digital world is becoming more hyped-up through regular changes, and Google is transforming into a more dynamic, informative and influential platform. The continual update by Google aims at improving the content originality, target poor quality links and sites. Marketers and businessmen are spending lots of time checking and browsing the latest updates and find a way for conducting new marketing strategies. That is why this article aims at assessing the most important updates in last two years and tracking the important digital marketing updates that matter. Below is the brief discussion of all the updates made by Google in year 2016 and evaluation on how these implementations changed the digital world. The main objective of all these updates is to improve the quality of search results, links and promote content originality.

Google Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird is a deciding factor in decoding the ranking of all websites through optimized search results. The 2016 update is made up of hundreds of factors that can have their impact on web rankings and the search results. The biggest modification made in hummingbird is the ability to sharply monitor the mobile marketing, which is highly important given the evolution of e-commerce sites and smartphones in the past few years. The latest update is more precise and has been complimented for its fast result. These updates are mainly planned with special focus on extracting the exact meanings of the question phrased rather than just focusing on the individual keyword. The hummingbird software will first look at the complete phrase of the query searched and then provide search results that match the question asked.

Impact -

Hummingbird's 2016 update is likely to have a very long-term effect on the web-based searches. The latest update emphasizes to the context and meaning of all the search results. Hummingbird doesn't only rely on the optimized keywords but focuses on answering the main intent of the searched question. The amendments and modifications in hummingbird are for the better explanation of the questions that are lengthy and indirect. This way Google can answer queries including obscure keys phrases that are commonly called as the, "long-tail" phrases. The main objective of 2016 update is to make sure the pages don't only match with only a few words rather show completely relevant content. Google has done several biggest changes for digital marketing, but hummingbird is one of the biggest and most effective changes

Three months ago, Google made an announcement about the latest hummingbird update which is likely to have its impact on more than 90% of the searched queries. The latest update of hummingbird is not penalty based but it will work to eliminate the low-quality written works from the search engine results. The main objective is to fulfil user's actual search queries and display only the information that user is trying to find. So, the contents are given more priority. To surpass this update, your contents must be quality-rich, original and informative instead of being stuffed with keywords.