Google Mobile Friendly Update

On April 21, 2015, Google, the most powerful search engine in the world introduced a significant new mobile friendly ranking algorithm. It will enable it to give boost to mobile friendly pages in Google mobile search result.

From the date it happened variety of nature names it as a "Mobilegeddon". Mobilegeddon is a popular lexicon which is to describe Google's updated search engine. It is a combination of two words-"Mobile" and "Armageddon". The update is being referred to other name also like - Mobilepocalyse, Mopocalypse or Mobocalypse.

Google is now further checking mobile friendly updates compatibility with the help of Google friendly test tool. Did any of you really notice that the pressure of traffic changes to the mobile version of your site or more referrals in a mobile device ?

Google had earlier showed its intention of bringing changes in Google mobile friendly updates in February itself. The search engine result pages on a Smartphone are showing URLS in typically in 'breadcrumb' format which was not meant for like that.

After the announcement of launching, with addition Google has published an article too on their Google developer page to help webmasters with the transition titled "Mobile Friendly Sites."

Google introduced this mobile friendly update with the intent purpose for transition to improve the user experience. Robert Hof, one of the Forbes writers stated that - "Google is taking test to see that whether sites look good on Smartphone or not as they have to work more towards the betterment."

Clearly Google knows that desktop vision is difficult on the mobile devices. The Google has planned to take the matter into its own hands and to fix this problem with the help of mobile-friendly update.

Google have further introduced mobile friendly testing tool, we can make our own tool with the help of API access. API is known to be a simple and quick tool which will enable to create your own set of tools to see what is happening on the Google mobile friendly pages.

Google John Mueller stated that it is a simple tactics for a simple sample to start with.

Google hopefully is waiting for the introduction of the mobile-first index which is also to be launched by the year's end. To certain effect Google talked about the prospective of saying farewell to Google friendly label. But it considerably does not mean that, mobile friendly ranking signal is not being used.

They'll still be used, due to high profile.

Google removed this because it wanted to declutter the mobile server result. Around 85% of all the pages in the mobile search results now are mobile-friendly as per the Google criteria.

Adding up to the mix due to the update there is a serious impact which can be seen over search engines in the recent time. Searchmetrics, a software company found out that there is a incurring losses of the rankings for the non - mobile friendly sites. On an average position lies 0.21 as per the measurements. Another content marketing company, Brightedge has found 20,000 URL since the Google update. There is a 21% decrease in non- mobile friendly URLs in starting 3 page search results.

It's rumored that Google may pick desktop over the AMP page for the mobile-first index. If that happens then you can think what can go right or wrong.

Google is a sole powerful search engine and has established a total control over the world it sure can't keep us in a loop..

The low profile rankers have a greater effect on them. Now it's up to Google now whether they can bring more changes in this particular update to minimize its effects.