Google Penguin Update Penguin

While Panda is responsible for evaluating the contents posted on the web sites, Penguin aims at looking at the links. Google uses inbound links that work to inspect the popularity and ranking of web sites in search results. Penguin works to make sure important links from websites like government, universities, national institutes and other important sites show their content properly. This way penguin makes the important links more optimized and ensures that the contents displayed on these sites appear to be valuable to the viewers. Penguin's role at providing real and important contents doesn't end here as it also penalise sites with unnatural links and poor-quality web links. From past few years, few contents moderators have been making use of automated systems for generating many backlinks of poor or fake quality, Penguin ensure penalising such link farms and sites. Penguin latest versions are effective from October 2016 as it has been receiving regular updates from Google.

Penguin's 2017 update aims at catching those websites that are just spamming the search results instead of displaying original and informative content that are required. The update will work to decrease the search engine rankings of all such links and websites that violate Google's guidelines and have contents that are only stuffed with keywords but lack content originality, failing miserably at displaying the information required. The penguin update will catch those sites where contents are posted by using external or artificial means to increasing SEO rankings.

The primary objective of these updates is to penalize website owners who obtain links by using wrong ways or artificial means. Penguin 2017 version will penalize sites that are using manipulative contents to get high ranking in the search results. Several site use external tactics and links to boost the traffics of their website, and achieve a good rank. But now all such tactics and links will fail miserably because penguin's 2017 update can catch and penalise all those web links. Sites containing such spammy contents will be recognized immediately and then penalized as per Google's terms.