Google Payday Update

Google Payday was launched by Google on June 11, 2013. Payday much like the Panda or Hummingbird algorithm is a new type of algorithm. Its main objective is to target cleaning up the search results which tend to be "spamming queries", pornographic and further heavily spammed queries. Google boast as being the solely most powerful search engine in the world, has laid down the foundation against the spamming free sites positively. Google Payday was launched to filter out lower quality websites, who with the help of various spam techniques to boost their rankings for heavily trafficked search keywords. Pornography is the serious offense in the industry. Google has introduced several new tactics to deal with it and also to end and block spamming throughout the course.

What are the different versions of Google Payday Loan 1.0,2.0 and 3.0 updates ?

Following the launch of the first Google Payday Loan Algorithm on June 11, 2013, which has impacted approximately to 0.3% of all Google search queries in the United States, as per documents of Google.

Approximately to 4% Turkish queries are also been affected, where the no of spam search queries tends to be more prevalent. The new version of updates was focused on to checking to integral parts where the first version of Google Payday missed. So the new version will check those places where spam still haven't removed yet.

Version 2.0 was launched in May 2014 and days later it was followed by version 3.0. The main task of version 2.0 was to focus on removing spammed websites. While version 3.0 was more focused on addressing the spammed queries.

How Google Payday Loan algorithm different from other algorithms ?

These algorithms share some of the same similarities with the Google Payday Duse to the enhancement projects.
Google Panda, Google Hummingbird, and Goole Penguin have an individual search engine improvement projects.
« Google Panda deals with the low quality on thin content websites by downgrading them. So that higher ranks sites get more search results.
«Google Penguin penalizes companies that deliberately attempt to boost their search engines ranking by manipulation activities.
«Google Hummingbird is hereby to deliver a completely new search algorithm for Google.


The head of Google anti-spamming, Matt's Cutts said on Twitter that- "New ranking update is being launched for the spamming queries." He further mentioned about the unique link schemes which many of them are illegal. Google Payday is a worldwide update. It's not only in US of A but it has been launched on the global platform and is rolling successfully at global aspects.

Did you notice any changes in rankings and traffic from Google over the past few days? Due to the introduction of these updates, you sure won't be able to find. Google has announced a targeted algorithm update to take on a niche with notorious spammy results which have specifically mentioned payday loans and porn. The update was scheduled to be announced by Matt Cutts have suggested getting rid of all the spammy results as well as pornographic sites. This update is a crucial step to increase the quality of the search results as google payday algorithm will try its best to brush up our knowledge about particular topics. It will help us to get clear away from illegal stuff that people get to use for instant benefits.

Pornographic sites are one such spam which is to be cut and should be taken proper care. Nobody likes to ruin their experience of running or surfing the internet. Therefore, Google payday algorithm has come and completely changed users experience on the internet on any given day.